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The millions of people and families impacted by macular degeneration rely on The SupportSight Foundation to amplify the need for national attention given to the disease. We lead the way in patient advocacy.

AMD is all we do — 365 days a year!

When sight disappears, so does a person’s connection to the world. The Support Sight Foundation is all about helping people who can’t see.

Every single day they live with this blinding disease and it changes their lives forever. We hear over and over again that support and help from TSSF is transformational.
Why? Because AMD is ALL we do.

E. A. R. 

That’s why we believe in:

Education for patients and caregivers on how to live more independently with macular degeneration.

Advocacy to amplify the need for national attention given to the disease.

Research to discover new treatments and a cure.

“What is that L word you keep saying? Love? Or Low Vision? Oh, low vision, I have never heard that before, this is the first time anyone has ever said that to me. Is that what I have? Low Vision? I have MacD and I live with Low Vision, wow…! am 84 years old and I have arthritis, knee replacements, three stents due to heart and cardiac problems, a cancer survivor and low vision. That is who I am and adding the low vision to my list is the chronic health-related problem I suffer from the most in my life. Every single day. I am really, really happy I found the Support Sight Foundation because now I have more hope. I learn from you. Thank you so much! My daughter is calling the other phone and I can’t wait to tell her…”

K. O’Malley, dry MacD in both eyes. Diagnosed 2018.

Patient & Caregiver Education

Our mission is to save sight for millions of people who live with age-related macular degeneration and lose their precious vision. Education, Advocacy, and Research is how we accomplish our critical mission and connect with patients, caregivers, and families who are impacted by the daily struggle of impaired vision and blindness.

In the Meantime (ITM) is a dynamic patient and caregiver-centric education and advocacy program model. Education and eye disease management for patients, caregivers and families impacted by AMD. The program is a hybrid. It’s built on a digital and analog chassis making it accessible and meaningful to a vast and diverse audience.

Support Sight Live Seminars happen across the country. The public seminars are free of charge and feature low vision experts, healthcare professionals, and motivational/inspirational speakers to engage the audience in an interactive setting. (currently on hold)

Mini Education Sessions are presented in a condensed format. We partner with local area retirement communities, low vision providers and community-based agencies making it cost-effective and convenient to connect with people where they are and raise awareness. (virtual only)

SupportSightNEWSTM is our seasonal newsletter with national reach. A digital version is available online at It is designed to be reader-friendly for those with impaired vision. The content is a reliable source for the AMD community and their caregivers.

SupportSight Resources include our Care & Share Hotline, outreach activities, retirement community partnerships, educational materials and online resources.

The Support Sight Foundation’s Educational Series is an informal and informative gathering of patients and stakeholders that consists of stories told by patients with MacD, and “arm chair” conversations with experts about investing in the patient and caregiver community.

“This is why I love the Support Sight Foundation, it’s about awareness and education. Bringing information to help people along their journey to independence.”

— Charlie Collins

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