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Living with Vision Impairment Guide

11 Tips to Help Maintain Independence Despite Visual Impairment

What is the difference between Age Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) and Myopic Macular Degeneration (MMD)



“The retina is an incredibly thin tissue in the back of the eye, delicate like a butterfly’s wing, and is the key to vision.  If the retina doesn’t work, nothing else matters.” – Dr. Murray.  Learn more fascinating information about the AMD diagnosis by listening to this podcast.


A conversation about maintaining a positive attitude with MacD, especially during pandemic times. Dawn shares tips, such as creating a gratitude or joy list, to assist with sustaining a healthy mindset.


Special guest Richard Tapping, Vice President of Vispero, talks about Assistive Technology and the benefits of using magnification devices. 


Dawn Prall discusses how diet and healthy eating are critical to living with macular degeneration but also shares a number of resources and tips on foods that are eye healthy.


Dr. Stambolian describes how they are taking a new approach focusing research on human eye tissue to better understand what makes a normal macula different from other locations in the retina. Their goals, he says, is to develop better treatments and work on finding a cure.


In this episode, Hilary Stunda speaks with Dawn Prall, founder of The SupportSight Foundation. In the last decade, she has become a champion of low vision patient education, raising awareness to fund research for macular degeneration.


11 Tips to Help Maintain Independence

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Healthy Vision Grocery List

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